Horses in training at SFF are treated with the same love and compassion that SFF owned horses are treated with.

The training curriculum is set up centered around the behavior and background of each horse.

Each animal learns the basics of dressage, from which further training uses as a foundation. Work is consistent with the training from the prior days, so a step up program sets the stage for success. Each horse goes on to experience a variety of stimuli, such as traffic, trails and work around the fields that surround the farm. This work is woven through the normal work of the week, supplying variety to the animals while keeping their mind fresh.

Daily nutrition and a balanced turnout program also play a part in sustaining the horse's mental and physical soundness. Each animal is out of its stall on a daily basis. This helps to encourage the horse to be calm, comfortable and obedient anytime they are being handled.

It is with devotion that we aim to combine the stable life with the natural life that a horse comes from. All in an effort to create a content relaxed environment for those horses that are kept at Shadow Facs Farm.

You may be looking:

  • For a brush up before a show
  • To get a young one started in some ground work or establishing better manners
  • To start a young horse under saddle
  • To advance your horse to the next level for competition
  • For a self pleaser of getting along better with your horse through lessons and training

Debbie enjoys training horses because of interaction that goes on with each animal and the trainer. Each horse is treated as an individual; it takesa bit of time to figure out each personaility; their likes and dislikes, their strengths and weaknesses. Once a basic communication is developed indoors, she starts to incorporate work outside into the training program, all the while seeking to retain the calm, consistent work that has been the basis of the training. The final stage of training is uniting the owner with their horse, supporting them with instruction as they allow the new techniques work for them as a pair.

For the competition minded, Debbie's active participation in dressage shows and combined training provides clients with hands-on experience, living what she trains.

Debbie encourages owners to come out as much as possible to watch the training sessions, as the training will only be as good as it is understood. It is her goal with each horse to develop a workable and comfortable situation between the horse and owner.