Student Notes

Student questionaire

Barn rules

• Each student must sign a release, read these guidelines and read the barn rules.

• Everyone must watch a "grooming and tacking" demo. This is normally covered in the first lesson.

• Students are expected to tack up their own horses. For this reason they should arrive at the barn 20 to 30 minutes before your lesson time.

• Helmets must fit properly; this is for your safety. If you are going to buy one, be sure you can shake your head and the helmet stays level and snug without moving your head. Do this before leaving the tack shop. IF it does not fit well; do not buy it!

• Each student is to ride in boots (Paddock boots and half chaps) breeches and a helmet. We have some helmets that are here for your use, but within a reasonable amount of time you should purchase one. We recommend the "tipperary" "GPA" "International" or "Charles Owen" helmets.

• While you are knocking off, it is expected that you report to your instructor, any nicks, cuts, loose shoes or any other things that look or seem odd to you during the tacking up process.

• When taking horses out of the stall, be sure the door is all the way open and the latch is pushed back out of sight. Horses have been known to get caught on this and severly rip their sides open with gaping wounds.

• Each student must ensure that the tack is fit properly on the horse they are to ride. Not sure, please ask. All tack should be cleaned and returned to its proper place after each use.

• Students should walk into the arena, if more than one is riding, only when everyone is ready do they proceed to the arena. Everyone is to use the mounting block, this is easier on the horse's back. Dismounting should be carried out in the center of the ring.

• After cool down in the ring, be sure the horse you rode is cool in the stall. If the animal has worked hard enough to steam, a cooler should be put on said horse; this should be removed after your tack is done. You may also choose to leave the saddle pad ove rtheir loins after untacking; remember to remove it. Horses shall be left without sweat marks on them.

• If your horse has grain on the outside of their stall, be sure to give it to them after they are cool enough. If you think it is too soon, make arrangements for someone to give it to them. All of the equipment should be returned to the proper spots clean and hung properly. Need help there? Please ask.

• ARENA ETIQUETTE: Pass left to left. If you're not taking a lesson, please avoid riding between instructor and the student. If you are taking a break, walk to the inside, allow the working riders to have the track. Please keep your voice down while riding. Riders making circles, have the right of way. If you would like to longe your horse, please ask others who are working in the arena if it will bother them.

• CANCELING LESSONS: Lessons must be canceled within 24 hours of the lesson. Lessons that are not canceled and are missed must be paid for anyway. Habitually canceling lessons will result in the student losing their assigned time. Others are waiting for these spots.

• Payment for lessons is done per lesson or monthly. It is your responsibility to pay for missed lessons.

• EXTRA: Specialized lessons and lease options are available too. Talk directly to Debbie for more details.

• If you are the last the leave a block of stalls, we ask that you turn the lights off.

• We try to keep SFF as clean as possible. Please clean up after yourselves.

• SFF encourages everyone to keep the lines of communicaation open.

We are glad that you are with us and hope you enjoy your time with the horses.