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Thyssen Treasure (Tessa)

For Sale — 8 y/o, GOV Oldenburg (Sir Sinclair x Treasure Times) 16.1+ h, mare.

"Tessa" is the perfect jr/yr or petite AA horse.

Although she still needs more milage she has the most wonderful brain and is incredibly uncomplicated and straightforward.

She is handled with ease and likes to cuddle. She is quiet and doesn't overreact to outside stimuli, she does not buck, bolt, rear, spin or anything else of the sort. She doesn't require longing or prep even with time off, she is the same horse every day. She walks, trots, and canters along with leg yield and shoulder fore. She has worked over poles and small fences and is quiet. She is a quick learner and will try her heart out for you. Very light off the leg and in the hand with 3 super comfortable and easy-to-sit gaits. She has three fantastic gaits with an exceptional walk and canter with a fantastic articulate hind leg.

She has perfect ground manners and is an angel to be around. She clips, bathes, loads, stands for the farrier etc. She gets along with everyone in the field and she isn't mareish at all. Totally sound with wonderful feet, she is currently barefoot.

This mare can truly excel in any direction. The choice is yours. Priced at 20k

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