Whether you are a beginner just getting started or have been riding for years, SFF can help you achieve your riding goals.

WE realize everyone is not out to compete, however, we do prepare students to show as well as riding to enjoy the country side or to use the time as a period of exercise or for a break from life's extra stresses. For those that are already successful riders, everyone needs a brush up now and again; it is a way to finely hone your skills, encouraging you and your horse to be more refined and light in your work. The important thing is that you enjoy these wonderful animals that we are so blessed to work with.

Lessons are taught with a sensible progression, much like that of a school teacher. A structured plan of action is made; that is done with each student, by asking them to set some goals on what they would like to achieve. We want to help them with their overall desire to participate in the equestrian sport accomplishing their set targets. So no matter if you are just starting to ride or you have been competing through the levels of dressage or jumping, we dedicate ourselves to keeping the students interest in mind; from the beginner to the more advanced rider.

Why take lessons?

Learning to ride builds security, confidence and suppleness that is needed to be successful and enjoy the activity of horseback riding. Many of our younger riders have come to us very timid and naive, they learn how to express themselves. Today they are thriving in all phases of their life, owing some of their strength to their association with horses.

School horses are available for lessons or you are welcome to ride your own horse, even if that means hauling your horse in for your lessons. Once we get you started we can figure out what will work best to further your riding abilities.

Setting up lessons often depends on how much you are willing to invest into your riding. There are some that take 2 to 3 lessons a week and others that ride once weekly.

Instructors at SFF are certified making them better able to handle an array of situations. Safety, fun and learning with the classical principles are our main priorities.

Please contact us for rates and available times.